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Key Factors to Long Lasting Nourishment

There is so much more to nutrition than just putting the right foods into your mouth. Long lasting nourishment is a journey and a learning experience that you yourself must go on. Here are some factors to consider:

- Food logging: I know it sounds boring and like it takes up a lot of time, but this is going to be what kick starts your journey. Learning about the foods your actually eating and taking the accountability for it on paper (or in an app) really gives you a great tool. This gives you the opportunity to reflect on the food choices you've made and say, "WOW, did I really eat that?" This has been huge in my practice as a Nutritionist. Majority of the time Ill ask a client what their diet is like and lot of the time they cant tell me what they ate even the same day! If you don't remember what your eating or how much, than how can it be improved?

Logging also acts as my roadmap to help you create change. I decipher, at minimum, a weeks worth of food intake and implement a nutrition profile to see how balanced your diet truly is....most of the time it is not! I can learn a lot from seeing what foods and how much, it explains many things to an educated mind and this is how I can help you. Lying about it or fudging what you ate ( yes this does happen often) is not going to help you, be honest, yes, your going to mess up even after I give you instructions on how to change, but that's fine, you are human and we do learn from our mistakes.

I also tell clients to be in tune with how you feel throughout the days, make a note of it. A lot of the time our lives are going by so fast that we don't get in tune with how we really feel or what our bodies are communicating. This are signals that are telling a story, and during analysis they can unravel a lot about what nutrients may be overabundant or lacking within your life.

- Taking the time: This is a big one! Hands down this is the largest complaint among my clients...they don't have the time. A lot of them ask me where they can just order and pay for their food to be delivered to their door. In my professional opinion just ordering your food online is not the answer to any commitment or lifestyle change long term. You need to take the time. You need to learn how to food prep, you need to eat real fresh foods! No matter how amazing you think your frozen or microwaved "healthy" dinner is, its got NOTHIN on a fresh meal. Fresh food is alive, it can feed your body so much more and make your insides sing and do a happy dance! Taking the time to create a relationship with real, fresh foods will change your life, I promise.

- Attitude: If you go into making a change in your lifestyle and food intake with the wrong attitude it will stop you in your tracks. First and foremost you MUST have positivity and be in a place in your life where you can really commit, really push yourself to new places and make better choices. There is a physiological game at work here, there will be highs and lows, don't give in, your body is a fortress, build it strong.

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