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The Protein Hype

Protein was discovered in 1839 and is typically considered to be the most important nutrient of the three main Macronutrients: Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. The root Greek word of Protein, Proteios means, “of main importance, “ which gave this macronutrient its rockstar status right from the start, based solely off its name! The Protein hype grew and scientific research continued to pour out data that animal based proteins were better and more utilized in the human body.

The Western world officially created a recommended daily allowance (RDA), determined and published in 1943 by the prestigious National Academy of Sciences for the purpose of supporting good nutrition for the American military during wartime (1).

Protein Guidelines based on 2000/calorie diet and at 4cal/gram or dietary protein correlates to 11.2% protein daily allowance (RDA):

144 lb adult male 56 grams

132 lb woman 48 grams

From 1943 to present this estimate has since been officially reviewed 14 times by an expert panel of scientists, giving it continued importance and stature. Due to the Western Hemisphere’s Protein hype and diets such as, The Atkins Diet, the average person is consuming much more than the RDA (at 11%) of protein. On average a person is consuming 8% higher dietary protein daily, at a whopping 19%! More than 90% of Americans consume this above average intake. Majority of protein consumed is animal based products, such as meat and dairy. Casein is the main protein found in cow’s milk, which triggers human growth hormone. The bigger, faster, stronger mentality has escalated the importance of protein in the American diet. Mainstream Science continues to provide proof that protein of animal based foods produces a faster and higher quality human growth rate… the catch: higher quality does not mean better health or nutrition.

The USDA and FDA continue to ignore this very fact and continue to promote and utilize American dollars towards big agriculture and the consumption of animal based products. Increasing body growth in animal production has continued to aid the agriculture industry in attempt to keep up with our extremely high demand to consume animal based foods, but this also means speeding up the aging process, increased chance of Heart Disease and high production of cancer cells. Dr Colin T Campbell, founder of the Center for Nutrition Studies, conducted several case studies and over fifty years of research with findings and data to support each of these conclusions. This can be reviewed in more detail within Dr. Campbell’s book, The China Study (2).

Three pioneers in medical research, Dr. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Dean Ornish implemented studies that proved reversal within the promotion stage of cancer and a reduction in cancer cell growth in their patients proving animal based protein causes the mutation of cancerous cells (2, 3). Their studies concluded that Protein from animal based products is the trigger switch to turning cancer cell growth on and off. In removing the body’s ability to reproduce mutated cancer cells, you eradicate cancer growth and healthy cells are able to rebound and create balance. The key lies in implementing a nutrition plan utilizing a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet. When applied to their case study groups a WFPB diet decreased cancer and mortality in deadly diseases, such as, Heart Disease, Breast Cancer and Diabetes (4, 5). This science altering evidence that took place over fifteen years ago is where all the hype and push on protein that we are facing today becomes a problem. Many prestigious medical firms and agencies denied or simply ignored their findings due to the medical/scientific controversy and political damage it could cause. If promoted mainstream these findings would also damage America’s great livestock industry, its too great a risk for our economic backbone.

We have had the answers to reversing and eliminating cancer for decades, yet billions of dollars continue to go into research and “finding a cure”, particularly for Heart disease, Breast cancer and Diabetes. Today, Cancer rates are skyrocketing, as a nation, America is getting sicker and no drug or surgical procedure is curing anything.

Protein derived from animal based sources that the majority is so dependent on is literally what is poisoning our bodies and making consumers sick! Those with previous cancer history are at an even greater risk following a high protein diet. Calorie and nutrient counting programs blasted success for weight loss and “looking good” and let’s not leave out “fast results,” have poisoned the minds of America and seem to put aside true balanced health.

The decision to educate yourself, put ignorance aside and get off the Protein band-wagon and start truly nourishing your body is yours only.



2- Campbell, T. C. & Campbell, T. M., II. The China Study, Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health. (BenBella Books, Inc., 2005)

3- Ornish, D. in American Heart Association 66th Scientific Sessions.

4- Esselstyn, C. B., Ellis, S. G., Medendorp, S. V. & Crowe, T. D. A strategy to arrest and reverse coronary artery disease: a 5-year longitudinal study of a single physician’s practice. J. Family Practice 41, 560-568 (1995)

5- Esselstyn, C. B. J., Gendy, G., Doyle, J., Golubic, M. & Roizen, M. F. Treating the cause of coronary artery disease (to be published). J Family Practice (2014).

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